The Fear

Wake up


Wake up and smell the-

Roses? Coffee?




Wake up and smell

The fear


But like most

You choose to ignore the smell



To ignore the smell of fear


Because it lingers through the city

It lingers through the suburbs

From the alleys

To the underpass of the bridges

To the white picketed homes

To the very bed you sleep on


Across our great country

You can smell the fear


If you choose to smell

If you choose to acknowledge

You know that you reek of it





Do you smell the fear now?

From the immigrants

Waiting to receive their citizenship

To the African-Americans

Driving by the police

To the women in line

At Planned Parenthood

To the child walking back to a home

In which they are not wanted

To the homeless waiting to see

If they will survive another night


Do you smell the fear?


You should

Because remember

You reek of it


Whether your fear

Is minimal

Or written all over your face


Do not ignore the fear

That threatens the life of others

And could threaten your own


So wake up

Wake up and smell

The fear


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