Café Gratitude

I was always a huge skeptic on the whole “vegan” eating lifestyle. I grew up in a (polish) home that runs on animal products so I thought that eating foods without animal products was insane and probably unappetizing, boy I was wrong. During my latest trip to California, my sister and I visited the Café Gratitude location in Larchmont. Upon arriving the atmosphere was very friendly and the decor was aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I’m personally a huge fan of a good chicken caesar wrap so i decided to order the Blackened Tempeh Caesar Wrap aka “Glorious.” I loved that when you’re ordering instead of saying “ I would like …” you would say “ I am Glorious,” it added a fun aspect to the dining experience. I was shocked when I received my order because it genuinely looked and tasted like chicken even though it had no animal products. After the meal(s) we also got beverages, my sister got a turmeric latte called “Golden” and I got a chai latte (which i sadly forgot the name of) they were both delicious. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone, vegan or not, to try their food.


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