July 2017

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Wake up   Wake up and smell the- Roses? Coffee?   No   Wake up and smell The fear   But like most You choose to ignore the smell   You CHOOSE To ignore the smell of fear   Because it lingers through the city It lingers through the suburbs From the alleys To the underpass of the bridges To

Endless summer nights, cruising through the empty streets Peacefulness fills the air as time passes by slowly Sinking in that I'll only be your 2 AM calls He needs someone to talk to That's me When will you be my 2 AM calls? Thinking about how

breathe in. think about everything that troubles your heart all which keeps you up at night. breathe out. let it go cleanse your soul to get rid of whatever poisons it. breathe because you are okay or will soon be and because you need it. breathe because you are alive. —take it one day at the time, one