IRONTOM: oddity at its finest

This past November, my best friend and I paid $15 to see Finish Ticket at a small venue in Colorado. This venue is an awesome little place with tons of character in and of itself, but it got a whole lot weirder after this band came on.

Let’s set the scene.

We’re standing in the crowd with a few other people who got there early. Most of them were teens, with the exception of some surrounding characters who listen to the radio station that sponsored the concert. There weren’t a ton of people here, and a lot of the audience was sitting on the benches that surround the stage or getting a beer at the bar. I was ranting about my school and looking at flashcards I brought for the test I had the next day. Those cards were quickly abandoned when this band came on stage.

IRONTOM took me for a trip, let me tell you. The music was crazy good. Dyl Williams brought the band out with some beats that shook all of Colorado. The band jumped on the beats and rode them with Zach Irons on the guitar, Dane Sandborg on bass, Daniel Saslow on the keys, and finally Harry Hayes as the lead vocalist. The audience looked up from their phones immediately, switching them furiously to snapchat video. Everyone on the benches stood up and people from the bar turned their heads so quickly.

It was crazy to see a group of people come alive immediately after hearing a few notes.

The aesthetic of the band is unforgettable. Everyone on the stage was fearless and brought passion to the previously dormant stage. The best part of the experience was surely, Harry’s dance moves. Mick Jagger was shown up when Harry started moving. His hands never left his body and his oddly sensual mannerisms cast a spell on all of us. He was a tease as he brought his shirt up and down, tugging on his collar and belt. No one could tear their eyes off of him. Harry had an absurd amount of energy underneath his unbuttoned silk shirt and black head band.

Sandborg and Irons were just as bold and watching their hands move so deftly across the frets was hypnotizing. All members of the band made eye contact, which in my world is the most important thing a band must do on stage. Often, bands look into the distance and they just go through the motions necessary to complete a set. These guys were different. They created personal connections and played for the crowd of strangers like we were old friends.

IRONTOM brought a new, positive, and weird vibe to the venue. The choruses were catchy and could get the audience moving and singing along. Not once did I look away from the stage or stop dancing with the rest of the crowd.

Partners, their album released in May of this year, only solidifies my statements of oddity and brilliance. It is fun and groovy, excitement bursting out of the notes. My personal favorites from the album are Hookers, Be Bold Like Elijah, and Not In Front of My Eyes. Not to mention, their cover of Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz is iconic.

I had the pleasure of meeting Harry after the gig, and he could not have been nicer. Before even starting a conversation, he hugged my best friend and me and thanked us for the support. Harry was kind and down to earth, asking us about ourselves and if we enjoyed the concert. He got us pins and gladly took a picture with us. I can’t say much for the rest of the band members, but if they are all like Harry, the world is a friendlier place with them in it.

IRONTOM is messy in their colorful charisma that enchants listeners in a haze of glory. From the album cover to their theme on Instagram, this band is unlike any other. The sensuality of the lyrics and sophistication of their guitar rifts take everyone for a whirlwind.

I truly wish I could write more, but even in these 669 words I’ve repeated myself. I also wish that I could make this article more formal and critical, but that is not how I roll and it surely not how IRONTOM rolls. Bottom line is that this band deserves more appreciation and attention that it has right now. Music is an experience, and IRONTOM has perfected a unique journey that you should embark on… only if you’re Bold Like Elijah.

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