America’s Democracy Is In Critical Condition

As America shifts away from the popping of firecrackers, and countless backyard barbecues that took place July Fourth, Donald Trump prepares for his first meeting with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as the official President of the United States. The uncertain status of their relationship has been a point of contention since the beginning of President Trump and Hillary Clinton’s stand-off for a seat in the oval office in 2016, but many fear that Russia has injected America with too strong a toxin of divisiveness for it to repair itself adequately.

On Tuesday, National Public Radio’s (NPR) Twitter account tweeted the declaration of independence, which brought out President Trump’s supporters in droves in the reply section with comments such as:

The number of responses offered by “Make America Great Again” promoters that seemed to believe NPR was attempting to start a revolution against President Trump, proves that American citizens are not paying attention in general, but also have not been cognizant of the roots of American democracy that the Trump administration threatens on a diurnal rotation with its denseness. It is apparent that in the minds of those who replied to NPR’s tweets, supporting normalized bigotry is of more importance than civilly assessing the doomed state of politics in America.

Putin has won his game, and not through surreptitious plotting as a majority seem to think and promote, but instead with the help of American people refusing to admit that they have a common enemy in Russia as the country has ushered in the death of democracy in America. However, this is not to be mistaken as an argument for becoming complacent with the disgusting denouement Trump, and what he calls a cabinet, have placed at the feet of all Americans. What is so obvious is that both Donald Trump and his supporters are blind to their own enslavement to Russia and its use of them against the Resistance that is leading to the shredding of a common American identity, for whatever reason. Those of us not living in an abstracted version of the world know that Vladimir Putin is a man keen on invasions. With that being said, what makes America more than a country idly waiting to be invaded by Russia if we are being led by a man just as keen on ignoring reality as his supporters?

When asked if he could definitively answer whether or not Russia was involved in the hacking of the 2016-2017 election while in Poland, President Trump answered by slathering Barack Obama in blame.

“The thing I have to mention is that Barack Obama when he was President found out about this in terms of it was Russia found out about it in August now the election was in November that’s a lot of time he did nothing about it. He was told it was Russia by the CIA as I understand it was well reported, and he did nothing about it.” 

This statement would mean one thing if Barack Obama was still president and Trump was merely commenting on the situation, but that is clearly not the case, and thus this statement means nothing in terms of an answer to President Trump’s continuously poor acknowledgment of the Russian hands in what should only have been American business. To offer an analogy, President Trump’s usage of Obama’s handling of the Russian situation is like talking about your house as if it is the worse thing in existence while in the vicinity of someone else’s’ home, and praising theirs.

I hope that while people were celebrating American independence they critically analyzed how President Trump’s actions could possibly have placed an expiration date on that independence.

I hope that when people purposefully misconstrue Linda Sarsour’s words to amplify already abounding anti-Muslim hate in America they realize that they are the problem and not Muslims or Sarsour’s words.

I hope that when 26 percent of eligible voters cast ballots for the fraudulent businessman, and reality star that Donald J. Trump is, that they knew they were simultaneously disintegrating America.

Some might say that hoping for the correction of marginalizing, ignorant, and recalcitrant attitudes are simpleminded, and it can easily be seen why. But those are people who have forgotten that if you stand for nothing, then you will fall for anything.


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