SweetSexySavage In Hawai’i

“Any representation of love, it becomes what our definition of love is…” – Kehlani

Singer-songwriter Kehlani Parrish kicks off her SweetSexySavage tour in Honolulu, Hawai’i. The ethereal beauty poured her heart and soul into this album. Kehlani demonstrated the meaning of love and life through her words of music. The way she projected her voice shows how she can easily interact with the audience. In between the show, Kehlani discussed real-world problems happening in today’s society. This became the highlight of the whole night as she used her inspirational words. She showed devotion to a local charity, LGBTQ community, and the meaning of life. Kehlani gives off the R&B vibe and with this new piece, she expands her communicating words.


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