love is not.

i do not know much about lifeor matters of memorization

but i can tell you of love

what it is and what it is not
love is not a champagne dress

and six inch heels, a drink in hand

it’s too-big sweatpants, cold coffee

hair tied up, unbrushed and dirty
it is not broadcasted on movie screens

for the world to see and admire

love is kept quiet, secretive in fear

at least that’s what our love is
our love is hidden signals

midnight messages and video calls

it is anticipation of a bright day

with brighter eyes looking into souls
the love we share is being told

what not to do and disregarding it

putting everything on the line

and walking along the edge; we fall
in love, we fall off the wire

hold on to each other as our only support

struggling to find our footing,

i am dangling. please don’t
let go


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