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Happy 4th of July!: A Photo Album

(Yes, this is a day late, but give me a break after having fun all night!)

I always celebrate the 4th. It’s a family tradition for me, and there’s a barbeque and a little bit of spark play. However, since politics have taken a turn, it hasn’t been too enjoyable. But look on the brighter side: It was Captain America’s birthday and Malia Obama’s birthday. That’s a little happier, right? That helped me stay in a good mood and I luckily got some good photos of fireworks. Enjoy!


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Written by Elizabeth Poe

Elizabeth Poe is a 14-year-old girl who is passionate about reading, music, journalism, photography, and anything about comics or movies. You can find her researching about anything Marvel or Star Wars related, taking tons of pictures on her phone, or focusing on school, hanging out with her family, or playing with her dogs.

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