A Review Of Lorde’s New Album “Melodrama”

With a four year difference between releases, an evolution in sound was inevitable with Lorde’s second album, “Melodrama”. A newfound maturity lies within the lyrics as well as a more poetic flare than the lyrics of her first album, “Pure Heroine”. The lyrics of Pure Heroine’s songs contained a relative theme and the instrumentation of each song were distinctive to the others and held their own individuality. The songs of “Pure Heroine” were like high school cliques that coincidentally sat at the same table which enhanced the teenage charm of the album’s overall vibe. The eleven songs on “Melodrama”, however, hold a unity as one beautifully disastrous masterpiece like a young adult transitioning into adulthood while reminiscing over their teenage years. Elements of heaviness and gloom contrast with colorfulness and a sense of independence throughout the instrumentation that demands the power of the words being sung to be felt. “Perfect Places”, “Sober”, and “Homemade Dynamite” have a rhythm that compels the body to move to it while the lyrics create an atmosphere of young recklessness and defiance in its purest form. Complementing the songs with a more complex instrumentation, “Writer In The Dark” and “Liability” allowed Lorde’s vocals to command listeners in a haunting way that rattles your bones and leaves a trail of goosebumps down your arms. Her both chilling and enchanting voice delivers the lyrics in a purposeful punch that truly allows listeners to feel the emotional impact of her words while the simplistic, delicate playing of the piano softens the blow. Despite the numerous hit singles “Pure Heroine” produced, “Melodrama” embraces the dysfunction and struggles of the transition from adolescent to adult in an artistically nostalgic approach.


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