Take It All


I am never taken seriously


As a woman

I am not taken at all


Unless they are taking my body


My body screams for help

As they take my body

Because as they grip onto the fence

That protects my mind

The fence will erode


They will grab onto my mind

And my mind knows once they get to me

They will ruin me


You see,

As a woman

I am not taken at all


I am only beaten to the mind

Until they take my expectations

That are hidden away in my mind


I will no longer expect

A man to treat a woman

Like she was more than her body

That when her curves subside

And her makeup comes off

That his love will subside

And that

That he will take off


I will no longer expect

To be looked at as a professional

As I walk into the hospital

That I would finally be okay with

the submissive words

Used against me by the patients

Now my name is honey

Instead of handshakes

I will receive winks

And uncomfortable stares


I do not want to be a slave to their body

My body should not be a slave to them

When they think of me at night


So if they take my body

They must take it all


For I would rather not know

That women are not taken seriously


Because if the anxiety felt

Walking alone at night

And the pressure felt

When trying to prove our intellect

And the neglect felt

When we are being refused of our rights over our bodies

Is not enough to be taken seriously


Then they must take it all


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