Love is Equality

Yes, this is yet again another LGBTQ article. What can I say? I love the sovereign and unconstrained community. I recently went to a pride parade in Times Square and the atmosphere of it was UNCONFINED. Meeting all these people who were accepting their identities as well as others around them was amazing. Now I know I can’t change other individuals mindsets towards the LGBTQ  community, but maybe I can shed some light upon the homophobic crowd. It hurts to see individuals on social media bash others based on their sexual preference. Hopefully, my shared experience will be a motivation to others that they will get through this obstacle.

There is an abundance of gender identities out there currently; meaning what? Some sound crazy trust me I know.. but who are WE to speak? As the human race, we survive by figuring out what makes us tick… what makes us happy, and what makes us get up every morning. With identity (or even without identity) we wouldn’t be able to fathom what’s right or wrong, or what’s just and unjust. Let me give you a brief introduction into my long explored quest for self-identification.

After about five years of strictly dating men, my mind began to drift. I looked at women and say beauty and elegance. I was so attracted to the curves, the smell, and the just self-driven resplendency of the female species. Growing up in a Christian home with my mom as a Jehovah’s Witness, it was hard to harbor such thoughts. Things changed in 2016 when I started researching and learning more and more about the various identities of LGBTQ individuals. I seemed help by joining my school’s GSA group where we talked about issues that face the LGBTQ community and how they can be overcome. This group influenced me so much, that I took it upon myself to make sure the college I attended had a GSA or a Safe Space, and that I could help others like myself who were alone and confused and had no one else to turn too. I was conflicted as to whether I was pansexual or gender fluid. Pansexuality is defined as someone who is not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity while gender fluidity is denoting or relating to a person who does not identify themselves as having a fixed gender. In December of 2016, I finally declared myself BOTH. It was difficult for me to choose between the two knowing that if I picked one, I wouldn’t feel complete. Now lets get to the history leading up to the opportunity of individuals to choose and marry who they please.

Bryanna at NYC Times Sq PRIDE.

America wasn’t the first country to declare equality for all despite their sexuality, gender, or identity. In fact, the first countries to do so were The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Spain, and South Africa. With a biased, divided, and somewhat religious based system, it’s hard for some LGBTQ individuals to come out without being attacked or looked at like some type of foreign being. A woman declaring herself as a lesbian won’t be as shamed upon as a man declaring himself gay, or as a transsexual. Gender discrimination in America still exists but is just ignored or deemed as okay. My family is from Jamaica, where in their time, even the word “gay” if used loosely could get you killed shunned. Many countries around the world still enforce these heinous punishments for declaring yourself a member of the LGBTQ community. Even at schools, assumptions are made that the boy with the diva walk, and the tight pants and high pitched voice is gay; or the girl with the buzz cut who dresses like a boy is a lesbian. I ask you this. Does it really matter? We’re all humans, right? If you cut us open we bleed the same. Just because we choose to love differently than what society depicts doesn’t mean we’re antithetical. Pride showed me that people of all different sexualities and genders can come together with full love and support and be happy. I attended Stonybrook University’s LGBTQ seminar this year with my high school GSA group and was euphoric hearing all of the stories told by brave individuals about the difficulties they faced to become who they are. I would totally recommend this for someone who wants to meet more friends like them and to know that they aren’t alone. Here’s a link to their website:

We are strong, and we are united. I encourage the young boys and girls reading this blog and even adults to take into account that you shouldn’t strive to please the world. You deserve love, equality, and happiness in whichever way you wish to achieve it. I am pansexual and gender fluid and I’m PROUD. I encourage those who are reading this to take into account that you are not alone. Acknowledge who you are, and embrace it!

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