The Best of Canada150

Today is the 150th year of Canada celebrating their independence from the United Kingdom!


All across Canada, there are different celebrations for this momentous day. In social media, of course, Canadians pay tribute to the 150th year of their country’s independence through Tweets, videos, art, you name it!

The Coca-Cola Canada 150 commercial

Just a week ago, Coca-Cola Canada posted a video for their Canada 150 commemorative commercial on YouTube. This commercial features a pair of friends at Whistler (in British Columbia), fighting over the last bottle of Coca-Cola, which rolls down the mountain. The chase brings them to four more Canadian provinces namely Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. The commercial closes with an American man watching from a cruise ship on the coast of Nova Scotia uttering “Canadians”.

The Canada 150 Anime opening

Adding to the ever-expanding list of Neon Genesis Evangelion Opening parodies, here is the Canada 150 Anime opening.  In place of the Japanese text, you have French text. At one point in the video, the lyrics to O Canada, in both English and French, appears in the video. That of course, was not the only time Canada’s bilingualism was made referenced to. The soundtrack used in the video itself features both the English and French version of “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis”. The video features Canada’s current and past Prime Ministers, Celine Dion, the chase scene from Blades of Glory (which was set in Montreal), and the First Nations to name a few.

Celebrities greet Canada

Buzzfeed Canada brought some Canadian celebrities together to greet their country a Happy Birthday. Watch out for Darren Criss hogging on all the Timbits!

Boris Johnson’s cat sporting a Canada bowtie

(well, that’s not really Boris’ cat, rather, it belongs to the Foreign Office of the UK, which he is the head of)

This fireworks company’s clever marketing ploy

Guaranteed to make the skies Canadian af!

This “How I Met Your Mother” reference on a #Canada150 tweet

Barney Stinson is part Canadian, you know! I wonder what tricks would he be pulling on #Canada150 if HIMYM were still on right now.

This Canada-themed nail art

Hope she has an amazing Canada day!

From us here in GLUE magazine, we wish all the Canadians a Happy Canada 150! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦


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