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A Review On Pretty Little Liars’ Series Finale

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This Tuesday, after 7 years, 158 episodes, Pretty little liars came to an end.  Between  Ezra’s wedding, Hannah’s pregnancy, Emison’s babies, and the A.D reveal, PLL fans experienced a wide variety of feelings.

PLL’s fans most desired question was finally answered. A.D is actually Spencer’s evil twin, Alex Drake, who took revenge on Spencer and her friends, after becoming jealous of Spencer’s life. But, the A.D reveal has upset many fans, who thought that the ending was a bit inept, hasty, too “soft”, and expected. The A.D’s identity didn’t surprise many, as fans were guessing it was Spencer’s twin a while back.

In my opinion, the reveal of the twin was a good idea but, predictable. Troian Bellisario’s acting was phenomenal. She played both roles (Spencer and Alex) really well, but, I don’t see any other moments that create a “thrilling”, “shocking” or ” unexpected” ending. I’ve seen dozens of posts and videos from PLL fans explaining their amazing theories with the finest details. This show has created a sense of paranoia and suspense amongst all of its fans, and most of all, it made the fans dig and look for every single clue as if they were CIA agents. I think that Marlene King’s mistake was to extend the show to seven seasons. Consequently, we got too many details, hints, and clues which created high expectations for the viewers, and many of us were NOT given the ending we desired.Anyway, personally, I will miss all the mystery, clues’ digging, crazy theories and the amount of adrenaline, Pretty Little Liars used to bring me, each Tuesday.

Personally, I will miss all the mystery, clues’ digging, crazy theories, and the amount of adrenaline, Pretty Little Liars used to bring me each Tuesday.

What about you? What did you think of PLL’s finale? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


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