Men and Feminism

I am a feminist. Known at my school for being one of the most outspoken ones for a matter of fact. Women are held to standards hardly anyone can achieve, we are hypersexualized in the media, we are paid less to the man’s dollar, we even have to pay to be a woman (I speak of the tampon/hygiene tax). I and almost all other feminists believe the only way to achieve full unbridled equality is for the equality of both the sexes and all the genders. However, I feel that what is maybe overlooked by many feminists is the standards we hold for men. I am not saying that every woman holds men to really high standards; but if we are arguing for the equality of girls and women, we also need to be campaigning for the equality of boys and men. I have a friend, he refuses to call himself a feminist he says it is because “I believe in the equality of all sexes.” I have tried numerous times to explain to him that is what feminism preaches, but because of the current third wave feminism slogan “Smash the Patriarchy” he holds a different opinion. I use the term a lot. I think that as a whole we should begin to emphasize intersectional feminism. With this, we can move to be more united as a whole.


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