Your Daily Dose of Discrimination: Texas House Bill #3859

The foster care system can be a horrible place, as I’m pretty sure we’re all aware. Countless documentaries, movies, and articles have been made about the corruption of the system. LGBTQ youth have a particularly difficult struggle in the system, because of the evident discrimination and bias that people still hold so dearly. Group and foster homes can be brutal for these kids.
As if the effort to help foster children wasn’t already difficult, Texas has just passed HB #3859. This bill allows child welfare agencies to deny LGBTQ, single and non-Christian families the chance to adopt or foster children. That is only a small part of this disgusting bill. It also gives the right to inflict “conversion therapy” on LGBTQ youth if it goes along with the beliefs of the caregiver. Among other things, the bill also denies foster parents from providing access to abortions and contraceptives. This enforces the always-toxic-abstinence only concept within foster households.
In protest to the bill, California has added Texas to their travel ban. This will prevent all state-funded travel to the discriminatory state. Texas was added to the ban among four other states that have also passed similar legislation.
This law prioritizes discrimination over the well-being of foster children and it just makes you wonder why it is 2017 and it feels like our country is gearing into reverse. This is yet another prevalent issue regarding human rights that has been minimized to fit under one of two sides. LGBTQ people should be celebrated and valued because they should represent the future of this country. There needs to be a point in time when the leaders in this country step back and realize that they need to view everyone as people because that is what unites us. Laws and bills that are passed with the intention of division need to have positive benefits on society, because without the clear intention of uniting the people, what is the point?
The LGBTQ youth in the foster care system deserve to be provided with a loving and caring family just like everyone else. LGBTQ families, non-Christian families, single people, and interracial families all deserve the right to welcome children into their homes. The discrimination that this law allows should have never even been introduced into legislation.
I am sick and tired of always moving backward. I know that many people agree with me, and I hope that some of you decide to take action against this injustice. Call, write and petition as much as you can, because your voice truly matters. I’m leaving links, numbers, and addresses below.

Petition to end HB3859:
Contact the Office of the Texas Governor:
P.O. Box 12428
Austin Texas 78711
(512) 463-2000



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