a poem about body hair

your idea of
ladylike behavior
and self-care.

i will let
the hair on my legs
(and armpits
and eyebrows
and back
and arms)
however long
i please.

because i can
still adore myself
even when hairy,
believe it or not
it’s not the foundation
of my self-love
whether my skin
is perfectly smooth
or fuzzy.

because i’m not
less of a woman
by not following
the rules you’ve enforced
on me
ever since i can remember

because the fact that
some people (you) may think
less of me
or not like me as much
just as a result of my body hair
and what i decide to do with it
speak about their (your) personal worth
not mine.

because it is not
and will never be
your body.

—i will grow flowers on myself too, if that’s what i want.


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