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Rivlose Shares What It’s Like to be a Young DJ & Producer

image courtesy of Carlos Rivera


Carlos Rivera, known as Rivlose in most circles, is a teenage DJ from Miami. I met up with him and got to know the ins and outs of his life as a young artist.


How long have you been DJing?


I started producing like two years ago and DJing about a year and a half ago.


So, you’ve spun at a few events, where else are you planning on performing?


I had summer kickoff recently and now I have another summer kickoff soon, it’s at Club 380.

I’m promoting as well- for life in color mostly, but mostly music festivals, yeah. I also promote for music festivals.


Cool, how often do you produce?


Every day, just hit it like, a couple hours each day. Even when I’m in school I’ll finish my work really quick I just- whatever chance I get to produce I just go for it.


Anytime you have down time?




Like, I’ll be in class and they’re always like, “Hey Rivlose, get of the computer!” [laughs] because literally any chance I get I’ll start producing.


[laughs] How do you balance school work and producing?  


It’s pretty easy. You know, as long as you get everything done. I mean, I take like an hour and a half for homework and [laughs] the rest of the day for producing.


So, how did you start producing?


I went to this concert, you know Hardwell?




You know, I just saw him like, you know, he loved doing his job, and I was like wow I want to enjoy doing something like that. I saw myself in the same position and I’m working now to be at that level.


Well, the enjoyment aspect at least, you seem to have that down.


[laughs] Yeah, well it’s my passion.


Is there anything you’re currently working on?


Yeah, I have like five unreleased tracks and I’m working with on some collabs.


Awesome, so run me through the process of creating a song


Well, first of all you have to be inspired. I get this melody in my head so I stop whatever I’m doing and go on my computer and I start playing around with the drums and the drum patterns and I go into Sound Designing to make a sound for the melody in my head. From there, one thing goes with the other and it usually takes me a week to maybe months to finish a song. When I’m making a song, literally everything in the world just blanks out. I can literally work like six to eight hours straight and nothing around me would bother me.

So, you’ve named Hardwell as an influence, do you have any other influences?


Yeah, i have Adventure Club. My two biggest influences are Hardwell and Adventure Club. I actually got into electronic dance music through Adventure Club. Adventure Club made me realize that ‘wow, I actually like this type of music.’ I started listening to them and I thought ‘wow, I want to make these songs, this is insane. You know, I want to make a song that I like and if other people like it as well then that’s a big plus.



Where do you think you’ll be in five years?


The same thing I’m doing right now… music.


You know, right now I’m hustlin’ – I’m working real hard to get on the line up for Life in Color this year, If I keep producing at the rate I’m going then, you know hopefully in five years? I’ll be somewhere good.




Written by Gabriella De Gracia

Gaby is an aspiring Journalist from Miami, Florida.
Find her on Instagram: @niceonegab

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