Max’s Restaurant’s “The House that Built Fried Chicken” Commercial Is a Phenomenon

Max’s Restaurant is one of the leading restaurant chains in the Philippines. As restaurant chains across the country are doing all that they can to gain more customers – Max’s Restaurant has decided to go with the approach of storytelling for their latest TV commercial.

The commercial, which was uploaded to their official Facebook page, and is set to be aired on TV stations across the Philippines goes by the title of “The House that Fried Chicken Built”. The title of the commercial has been the restaurant’s tagline for the longest time.

The twist though is that the commercial takes its title literally. The commercial opens with an anthropomorphic chicken that’s literally building a house. After which, the said anthropomorphic chicken starts holding auditions for potential housemates. The potential housemates are an anthropomorphic pig, an anthropomorphic cow, an anthropomorphic bottle of ketchup and an anthropomorphic potato just to name a few.

If that isn’t wild enough, the anthropomorphic chicken also throws a disco party on his first night with the housemates!

This isn’t the first time that Max’s Restaurant has used visual storytelling to sell their restaurant. Last year, they also released a set of commercials that told a story. Case in point, this commercial of a single father preparing for his daughter’s debut:

Back in 2009, Max’s Restaurant also released a TV commercial that gained popularity. The commercial starring Piolo Pascual and Isabel Oli talks about a bittersweet romance between childhood sweethearts who cross paths again at a Max’s Restaurant (and you thought Jollibee’s Valentines Day 2017 was the most bittersweet? Max’s has done that before it became mainstream!):

From the Piolo Pascual & Isabel Oli commercial to the Debut commercial, and now, The House that Built Fried Chicken commercial – Max’s Restaurant has never failed to do commercials that tell a story, rather than merely sell a product.

Commercials that tell stories are a rarity in the Philippines, and it is only recently that it has become popular in the country. In Southeast Asia though, commercials that tell stories is not entirely uncommon. Thailand is a major producer of such commercials, to the point that academic papers have been done on Thailand’s role in the Southeast Asian advertising industry.

With The House that Built Fried Chicken becoming phenomenal this year, there is hope that the Philippines can be just as competitive as Thailand in the advertising industry.


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