i am me

i am sunday mornings with my cup of light brown hazelnut coffee and dated journal entries with my favorite pen written across the page along with the smudged handwriting as my left hand glides across in fast movements. i am sweaters and hoodies with thick leggings and ripped jeans cuffed at the bottom and mismatched socks. i am summer nights with dark trees and light skies as i sit on a porch and eat ice cream with my favorite people. i am carnival lights and the thrill from the rides i am listening to fast music in my room as i dance around in shorts and a big hoodie. i am cotton sheets with my legs cuddled and tucked to my chest as i watch a movie that is probably bound to make me cry, but that is okay because that is what i wanted. i am music i play at night with headphones in as i listen deeply to the words in bed. i am doing my makeup at midnight and trying new looks i am fast car rides with the windows down and the sun roof open as my favorite songs play from the newly fixed speakers. i am words you can not fathom into sentences. i am easily amused and i can laugh at the simplest things even horrible puns. i am rainy nights with thunder as my dog is scared and cuddled up right next to me. i am met with memories that make me feel nostalgic i am all the big and little things i get attached and i love too much and forgive too easily. i am stomach pains from laughing too hard. i am in love with the people i have been surrounding myself with and the people who give an effort to try to be around me.

i am me and if you can not try to interpret my ways and my body and can not figure out the reasons as to why i am me and as to why i love too much and hate too less then you will not understand who i am and why i am the way that i am and i am completely okay with that.


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