6 Tips To Have The Most Productive Summer Before Applying To Colleges

The summer before you apply to college should be memorable, but with the looming applications ahead, you want to make sure you’re presenting the best version of yourself to these new schools. If you want to beef up your resume before you start your applications, get off your feet and get ready to have the most productive summer yet!



Community Service looks great on applications, and the more hours you get in the better. Volunteering can also be fun if you find the right place. Volunteer at a summer camp, an animal shelter, or a community event in your area. There are always countless opportunities to give back.

Take a Class

School is over, I know. But summer classes are a quick way to boost your GPA and learn some new skills. If Dual Enrollment is an option for you, enroll in an easy class for your summer term. If you’re interested in pottery for example, why not take a dual enrollment pottery class while you go up in your class rank?

Get A Job

A summer job may not sound like the most glamourous way to spend your summer vacation, but the extra money on the side can really help you treat yourself on your downtime. A job also shows discipline, leadership, and independence and looks great when you’re working on those applications.


If you want real work experience, a summer internship looks great on your resume and can help you get acquainted with a field you’re interested in.

Create Something

Colleges love people with vision and leadership skills. If you’re passionate about something, why not pursue it? Start a band, a podcast, a service project, even a youtube channel. A personal project really helps you stand out.

Visit Some Colleges

College visits are a great way to get a feel for what type of environment you want to study in. Do you like bigger classes? Greek life? Do you want to live near a city? The answers to these questions will affect where you’ll live for at least for years of your life so it’s important to make sure you like the schools you’re applying to. Schedule visits online and plan a trip to your schools.

Out With the Old

Cut out the clutter in your life. Get rid of your old notebooks, papers, used school supplies. Clean out your closet and donate the clothes you don’t need anymore. Less clutter in your home means less clutter in your mind and will help you have the most productive summer possible.


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