The Best of #GE2017 Election Day On Twitter

June 8th 2017. The day that everyone in the UK has been waiting for.

As millions of British people cast their votes on this important day, Twitter users in the UK have also used this as an opportunity to lighten up the mood in a rather tense election cycle.

With that, I bring you the best tweets to come out of UK’s General Election Day:

  1. Journalists fighting over Tim Farron

Two journalists ended up pushing and shoving each other as they tried to find a good angle in filming the Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron, who has just emerged from his polling station.

2. When you gotta vote at 7 and get married at 8

Liberal Democrats candidate Sorcha Eastwood’s wedding took place on the same day as the election day – and thus, she decided to cast her vote on the way to the church. Talk about dedication to the democratic process of voting there!

She of course, was not the only bride who voted today. In Scotland, SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon also tweeted about a bride who voted today:

3. This man who promised £100 to everyone who RTs him if Jeremy Corbyn loses

You know, if Jeremy actually fails to become the PM, something like this might happen to Ryan.

4. Turning up to the polling station be like…

Because getting out there to vote always gives one an optimistic feeling.

5. #DogsAtPollingStations

There’s an entire hashtag for it, by the way


This election cycle has been one of the most hectic election cycles that the United Kingdom has experienced. This is owning up to the facts that (1) It is a snap election and (2) The UK has gone through nationwide voting every year since 2015 (GE2015, the EU Referendum and now, GE2017).

It is inspiring and empowering to see that the British people have not yet wavered despite the voter’s fatigue, and that they have still all gone out and had their voices heard.


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