Lorde Releases New Upbeat Summer Track “Perfect Places”

On Thursday, June 1st electro-pop singer/songwriter Lorde released another track from her upcoming album Melodrama titled “Perfect Places”. “Perfect Places” explores the youthful pursuit for a perfect, euphoric place where everyone fits in, and everything is alright.

Sound-wise, this song is much more upbeat compared to previous releases “Greenlight” and “Liability”. If you’re looking to compare, I feel like “Perfect Places” serves as Melodrama’s “Team” from previous album Pure Heroine. It’s exuberant, and will instantaneously fill you with good vibes.

A common theme in many of Lorde’s songs is youthfulness and the feeling of irresponsibility that comes with being young. “All of the things we’re taking, ‘cause we’re young and we’re ashamed” she sings in the chorus, adding “Send us to perfect places all our heroes fading now I can’t stand to be alone. Let’s go to perfect places.” At some point in our lives, we all end up searching for somewhere perfect, where we can do no wrong and just be accepted for who we are. We may find temporary fulfillment, whether it be at a house party, an after-school club, whatever. But the truth is, nowhere will ever be perfect. Everything has its faults, and though it may be hard to accept, it’s true. Lorde touches on this in the outro of the song singing, “All the nights spent off our faces. Trying to find these perfect places. What the f*** are perfect places anyway?” Instead of wasting our time trying to find something perfect, we should accept the places we end up in as they are, faults and all.

You can listen to “Perfect Places” from Lorde’s upcoming album Melodrama below.


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