Alexa Chung Pre-Fall 2017 Review

The most interesting part of the fashion industry for me is the idea that you never know what to expect. Alexa Chung’s collection may have been very put together and Alexa-ish, but it didn’t have any element of surprise. I have always adored Alexa and the wit and originality she brought to the fashion industry, but the line is exactly what you would expect from her. I love her style but these designs are mediocre. With the sales of high-end fashion plummeting, designers are realizing that playing it safe is not the way to go anymore. I would assume that this would be obvious to someone with as much exposure to the industry as Alexa has had.

Fashion connoisseurs are eager to see poetical ideas and innovative collections, but Alexa’s collection is something my mother would drag me towards in Macy’s. Alexa knows how to exercise personal style in a way that makes me look at someone and gush about how “Alexa Chung” a piece is. I was just disappointed that her quirk was absent from the clothes.  

I adored the whole wedding idea and the pink confetti at the end was absolutely charming. I do hope that this collection is the start to a career for her and that she can have more fun with the next collection.

I didn’t dislike all the pieces either. Some of the outfits had that spark that I was looking for in the rest of the collection. I loved the striped suit, the leather skirt with the striped sweater, the sequin pantsuit, and all the shoes complemented the collection well. I don’t want to be the last runway we see from Alexa, but I want to see something different next time.



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