an early morning coffee encounter

he saw her one early morning walking to a coffee shop. he followed her, not to stalk – for he was tired too – and wanted a cup of coffee himself. she did not see him, or realize he was one person behind her in line.

he wondered if she still orders the same coffee as before, a regular with sweetener and cream. he overhears her order, only to be met with the sound of her ordering a straight black coffee.

as she waits for her drink, she puts headphones in. he wonders if she still listens to the same calm, lively music. when she turns around, her bright eyes meet his dark ones. she sends him a smile, a real one too, and he is happy, truly happy, that she is happy herself.

she exits the shop, with her black coffee, and intertwines her fingers with a man standing outside, he kisses her forehead. meanwhile, the man in the coffee shop feels nostalgic. he feels like he had done something wrong, he misses her. he is mourning. however, it is a little too late, for she has moved on, and he has only just realized what greatness he has lost.

“i could be the one that forms the smile on her face, i could have been the one to make her beam with happiness.” he thinks to himself, yet his dark eyes now appear sad, he is realizing this too late.

it is now his turn to order. “i’ll get a straight black coffee,” he says and pays,

but he would usually order a regular with sweetener and cream. 

-realize what greatness you have when you have it. don’t take things for granted before it is too late to apologize.  learn to love and give love to ones who love you.


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