all together now (done)

in a second,  i will be throwing my cap in the air: victorious.

in a minute, another diploma will be placed in my hands.

after that, there is no certianty.

the family i spent so long creating will be behind my back, in a slightly warmer place.

the benefits of leaving will still be no match for what youth gave to me on a silver platter.

thinking, flying, driving away.

i was not crawling up the houses downtown, on top of spires and shingles.

all together now, we are done.

four years have passed and we are no longer one.

sky of blue and sea of green will maybe be our final scene.

contemplating years we have lost, toes in the sand.

regrets skipping across the shoe like pebbles.

all together now, we are done.


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Written by Grayson Spaw

I'm an eighteen year old writer and reader. I'll be attending Albion College in the fall majoring in English and Secondary Education. I love cats and old books more than anything else in the world.

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