A Social Life Does NOT Always Mean A “Night Out”

Recently, British Prime Minister Theresa May was interviewed by Sharon Lougher for Metro’s General Election 2017 coverage. One of the questions was “When did you last have an evening out with the girls?” to which she answered “Ha ha! I’m prime minister — you think I get evenings out with the girls?”.

While she had a perfectly valid reason as to why she wouldn’t be able to go on night outs, people implied her answer as “anti-social”, such as in this example:

This discourse of course, is not just about why it is okay for Theresa May, or any Prime Minister for that matter, to not have night outs. This discourse is on why going on night outs is not the only form of living your social life out there.

In this generation, people are expected to have their social life consist of night-outs, otherwise, they’re considered as “anti-social”. The thing is, when someone decides not to go on night-outs, it does not mean they are automatically “anti-social”. Perhaps, they are introverted (and for a refresher, introverted≠anti-social), they are not used to hanging out with friends through night-outs or simply, they do not prefer to socialize through night-outs. Those are just the few valid reasons why a person could choose not to go on night-outs to socialize.

Personally, I’m no fan of going on night-outs, simply because I’d rather stay at home at night and catch up on stuff that I wasn’t able to do during the day. My university’s campus has a bar just less than 500 meters away, but even that doesn’t lure me into going on night-outs. I don’t mind that most of the people I know in uni talk of their conquests during night-outs, while I am not able to completely relate to what they’re talking about (any slight relation I may have with what they are talking about comes from my exposure to media that depicts night-outs).

Instead, I focus my energy of socializing with people through the daily interactions I have with others inside the campus, or through hanging out with my squad during the weekend, dining out at restaurants, going to the movies or visiting a museum. In addition to that, I also socialize with people through fandom conventions and public events.

These forms of socialization have gained me friends, and one of them, being my squad, who I met in two different circumstances having completely nothing to do with night-outs. There’s three of us in our squad and the first one among us whom I met, I’m going to refer to her Anna. We met three years ago, because both of us were part of this Culture and Arts organization in my uni. The second one among us whom I met, I’m going to refer to him as Lorenze, and we met during a fandom convention three years ago.

There is no perfect form of living your social life, each has its own beauty, and each has its compatibility with you. Perhaps, some of you are more compatible with hanging out with your friends by Netflix binging in one of their homes, and that is okay. Some of you may prefer to bring your friends to the club on a Friday night, and that is okay too!

There is more to social life than just going on a night-out, after all.


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