Old Is The New, New?

When I was younger, the thought of spending numerous hours in a thrift store with my mom and grandma made me nauseous. The word itself reminded me of older individuals, something I was not. However, times have changed and now I am utterly and completely obsessed! My sense of style is always changing and thrift shops allow me to upgrade my closet whenever i’m getting bored with my old items. Thrifting also allows my mom and I to bond while looking through the abundance of clothing pieces waiting to be found and added to our closets. Thrift stores today have so much more than what you would expect: clothing, furniture, jewelry, shoes, and all sorts of unique items. Someone is donating their items, so a person (like you!) can find and cherish them. Not to mention, the environment will be glad you purchased an item that would most likely be thrown in a landfill. I encourage anyone that’s reading this to give thrifting a try, you could possibly find your new favorite clothing item.Screenshot at May 28 15-43-07Screenshot at May 28 15-43-23Screenshot at May 28 15-43-33Screenshot at May 28 15-43-43Screenshot at May 28 15-43-51Screenshot at May 28 15-43-59


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