a letter to my younger self

(inspired by joyce’s “a letter to my mom“)

hi, it’s me, you. before you rush into thinking anything as you usually do, everything is fine.

i know you’re still very new to everything in life, so i’m telling you now: get ready for many more years of that. as it turns out, you never really stop figuring life out; it’s constant change, but change is good. it means you’re moving forwards. i know you’re scared of it, but trust me when i tell you it will be very good for you. losing friends and gaining new ones, starting to like different things, changing your mentality, it’s all great for you.

here’s an explicit warning: some days will feel like the world is ending, like happiness could never possibly wind its way back into your life. it’s okay, you’ll learn  how to move on, to overcome these situations. your mind will start playing tricks on you, don’t let it fool you. you’re more valuable and precious than you allow yourself to think you are. you have a purpose, there’s a reason why you exisit here and now. i, your 16-year-old self, don’t really know what that is yet, at least not clearly. i promise you i’m trying my best to.

hey, stop thinking you’re so superior to everyone. just because you get good grades and behave well doesn’t mean you’re better than anyone else. i know it’s only because you just feel very insecure about who you are, and seeing the worst in people is a very twisted way to feel better about yourself, but i’m serious when i say that being the smartest or the prettiest is not very relevant. also, lower your expectations about adolescense, otherwise  you’ll be very disappointed one you get there. no, i’m not the prettiest now, i don’t have a boyfriend or thousands of guys waiting in line behind me, i haven’t even had my first kiss. i’m not loved by everyone, i have few but very good friends, my social life is not enviable. but guess what, that is okay. because i wouldn’t be myself if i’d accomplish all those expectations you have of me; i like the person i’ve become and am slowly becoming. you will too, cut yourself some slack.

you should appreciate your friends a little more. in a bunch of years, they will be one of the few things that will keep you from going insane. trust them, talk to them. let them know you love them and need them, be there for them as well. these girls are going to be your rock. you’ll feel closer to some, more distant to others, but they will be your everything. learn to love their flaws, see them as something that makes them better and more real people rather than imperfect.

your family loves you, never ever doubt that. you’re not disappointing them, you’re not letting them down. be honest with them, let them know what’s going on. be nice, don’t talk back too much but stay witty and kind. you won’t get along will all of your extended family, but that’s fine. sharing blood with someone doesn’t mean you owe them anything. just don’t take for granted the love given to you.

last but not least, remember to love yourself. the only person you need to make happy is you. your well-being, your happiness, should always be your top priority. maybe you think that is selfish and self-centered, but you’ll come to realize that true happiness also comes from spreading positivity and love. look for the good things in life, let them be a million times more relevant than negativity, allow yourself to be amazed. let your imagination flow, embrace your crativity. use your words to build bridges, heal broken hearts, lift spirits; not to put up walls and drive people away.

you’re going to be just fine, i believe in you. i wish you all the best, always.

yours truly,

me (or you).

p.s.: you should  listen to that girl always telling you about that band ”one direction”, she might be right about a thing or two.



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