“Macdeau” is The Latest Political Bromance of 2017

This week, two major political summits took place – these are the NATO Summit in Brussels and the G7 Summit in Taorima. Besides the serious discussions that take place in these summits, people were also on a look out for the lighter moments.

One of which, being the first encounter with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the newly-elected President of France, Emmanuel Macron.

To give you all a context on why netizens have seen the opportunity to ship the two leaders (whether lightheartedly or seriously), the answer is simple: There are a few similarities between the two – both leaders are centrists, both leaders have an interest in the culture and arts, both leaders won their respective elections on a message of hope, and both leaders speak French.

Which is why, when the two finally met for the first time at the G7 Summit in Taorima:

Netizens could not help but start to ship the Canadian Prime Minister with the French President:

Marie Le Conte of Buzzfeed UK was one of the most notable figures who has shipped Macron and Trudeau. The video that she has quote-retweeted in her Tweet above is this one:

Apart from that, there are also netizens who have jumped into the hype of shipping Macron and Trudeau by adding their own captions to pictures of the two leaders, taken during their bilateral talks on the sidelines of the G7 Summit:


(the text of Millennial ng Manila’s tweet translates to Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron, will you marry me?)

And speaking of marriage, one netizen even joked that Macron and Trudeau really flew to Italy for their wedding photoshoot:

The official photo of Trudeau and Macron having a conversation at a garden in the G7 Summit venue also drew comparisons to a classical painting, which seems to look like it had the same setting:


It also appears that the ship already has a name:


(The Tumblr post above translates to My brothers, I heard your call. On a common agreement, it will be “Macdeau”)

The best part of this all? A Twitter user named Jennifer Keene has even gone as far as designing matching denim jackets that Macron and Trudeau would have given each other:

Macdeau has been well-received by netizens for so many reasons, one of which is the ship being reminiscent to Trubama (consisting of Justin Trudeau and former US President Barack Obama). After all, Macdeau has now become synonymous with “hope”, just as Trubama was – and hope is what we definitely need in the midst of turbulent events that have shaken the world in the previous year, and even in 2017.

Shipping people in real life, from celebrities to politicians, is a common thing – but of course, as with anything that deals with real life, caution has to be exercised. One must ensure that their shipping of real life people does not invade the privacy of the parties involved, and one must ensure that they are able to distinguish between fantasy and reality when it comes to such ships.

As long as you steer clear from doing creepy things while shipping Macron and Trudeau (or any ship with real life people for that matter), then there is nothing for you to worry about.


2 thoughts on ““Macdeau” is The Latest Political Bromance of 2017

  1. You may want to explain that “MacDeau” is a pun on “McDo,” the French nickname for McDonald’s…

    1. Actually, I didn’t know that the French also uses “McDo” as a nickname for McDonalds (I’m from the Philippines and that’s the same nickname we use for McDonalds) so that’s a nice catch there!

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