Why It’s Important to Keep up with the News

By keeping up with the news, you’re inevitably becoming more and more socially aware. With today’s technology, we can acquire an infinite amount of information by simply clicking a button. News websites and social media are just a few of the myriad of sources of potential information. Amazing things can be learned and accomplished from these resources.

Approximately three years ago I began to take a special interest in social justice and politics via Twitter. Looking back, I have learned a lot about a countless number of topics including mental illnesses, politics, social and economic inequality in the world, the intersection between immigration laws and xenophobia, and white privilege, just to name a few. I took advantage of my ability to access this information because I decided that I care about what happens in this world and the people within it. This means more than just glancing at trending hashtags and popular Instagram posts, it means learning about what’s going on in the world. From political elections to terrorist attacks to various foreign affairs. Becoming socially aware has allowed me to meet amazing people, partake in meaningful and insightful conversations, and enrich my mind.


Today’s youth is considered by many people to be part of this tech-savvy generation, which is often given a bad connotation. By being aware of the problems today’s society is dealing with, we can not only stop being belittled but also prove the older generation that our opinions are just as valid and matter just as much.


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