may favorites

as may comes to an end and june rolls around, i thought i would share with you some of my favorite things that i came across this month. i also plan to make monthly favorites a monthly routine, so if you enjoy this, there will be more to come!

monthly favorites will have four categories: music, beauty, entertainment, and clothing. i will be telling you guys what my favorite songs, products, movies/shows, and fashion choices are.

so lets start and i hope you enjoy

MUSIC // favorite songs & albums of may’17

harry styles… released his first solo album… and it was the best thing to ever come across my ears and my mentality. his album is called “Harry Styles,” and my top favorite songs off of his album include: kiwi, from the dining table, and two ghosts.

here are a few of my other frequently replayed songs:

  • rollin – calvin harris/khalid/future
  • crystals – of monsters and men
  • your sweet touch – bahamas
  • all over- CRUISR
  • dangerous (feat. Joywave) – big data
  • hard times – paramore
  • silhouettes – colony house

that is it for my favorite songs! onto beauty products

so, as a teenager, i am sure many of us have hecka oily skin.. and acne. therefore, i researched inexpensive foundations for oily skin and decided to purchase the revlon colorstay makeup combination/oily skin and my friends.. this was a god sent and it works! i would 100% recommend and i will for sure repurchase this. it was only ten dollars worth of full coverage and less oily skin. much better than a high end foundation’s price!!


the next beauty product i would recommend is the mario badescu facial rosewater spray. it smells amazing and can be used to set your makeup when you are finished, or you can spray it before you put on your makeup to have that more hydrated skin. overall, it leaves your face feeling fresh and ready to take on the day.


also sidenote, **these are not sponsored i just really like these products but hey if they want me to sponsor them.. by all means**

moving onto the entertainment category, i will start with a show i have recently just started called always sunny in philadelphia. it first aired in 2005 and it is still releasing new episodes today in 2017. that is how good it is. it is a show about a couple of friends who own a bar and they basically get themselves into some crazy shenanigans in each episode that just makes you laugh and ask yourself, “what even is this show?” you will fall in love with the characters and laugh and face palm and sometimes even cry. it is great. it is on netflix with seasons 1-11 so.. go binge watch! i am on season 3, and the first two seasons have a small amount of episodes. happy watching!


the next favorite would be the book, “we all looked up.” it is a story about a couple of teenage high schoolers who each have their own background stories. throughout the book, each chapter is from each of the different teen’s point of view. when they all hear that an asteroid is about to hit the earth and that many will not make it out alive, you get to follow their train of thought throughout this whole journey. and in the end, they all have one thing in common, even if many of them thought they hated each other. it sounds weird and maybe a little cliche, but i personally enjoyed reading it. however, it is a little bit teen angsty.


lastly, fashion!

since the weather is getting hotter since summer is approaching, a lot of layers are starting to go bye-bye. i will give a recommendation of shorts & jeans

shorts- i love running shorts in summer especially because it is more easy to “breathe” in. also, since it is hot and you will be sweating, running shorts will soak it in. also, they are just more comfortable and still cute. you can find a pair of running shorts literally anywhere.

jeans- distressed jeans and mom jeans are in this summer! i personally love a pair of high waisted distressed jeans, since you can wear a crop top with them and pull it off without worrying about your stomach showing. as for mom jeans, i love how they are tighter around your glutes (your booty) making them look more shaped. they also get loose towards the bottom of your legs, and ripped mom jeans are even cute with a pair of sneakers and a regular t shirt.

that is it for my favorites this month, i hope you liked this article and i also hope that you maybe find yourself investing in some of the things i wrote about.

i hope you all enjoy the last two weeks of may, and be prepared for a june favorites coming up!

🙂 Xx -Joy



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