Loyalty of Iranian-American State Department Official Questioned

Sahar Nowrouzzadeh, a top U.S. State official was reassigned and demoted recently after “ right-wing media outlets questioned her loyalty to Donald Trump”.  Born in the United States of America to individuals of Iranian descent Sahar joined the government in 2005 under George W. Bush.  Since 2005, times have changed and conservative media and officials have questioned Sahar’s loyalty to Donald Trump labeling her as an “ Obama loyalist”.  Before being demoted and reassigned, Nowrouzzadeh had been working on the Secretary of State’s policy team as the strategist and advisor when it came to events or situations pertaining to Persian Gulf nations and Iran. Her work, extremely important was disregarded due to the questioning of her true loyalty to Mr. Trump.   An anonymous State Dep. official while speaking to the press mentioned, “ Nowrouzzadeh did not want to be reassigned, but was forced to accept a demotion back to the Office of Iranian Affairs”.  State officials will not expand upon the true bases of the reassignment and demotion stating “ The political appointees of incoming administrations have wide latitude in terms of where to assign people or who gets promotions, so it’s possible to shuffle people around without breaching their legal protections.”


Judgment and prejudice are both inevitable however unfortunately on the rise.  For quite some time, unfair behavior has been extremely prevalent when pertaining to all however especially individuals of the Middle East.  Labeled as “ terrorists” or “ suspicious individuals ” there have been many cases in which Iranian-American individuals specifically have been treated unfairly and questioned due to their background.  In spite of recent events, it has become prevalent that,  not only Iranian-Americans but many individuals of mixed background and ethnicities have been facing extreme racial prejudice and injustice. 
You would think living in the 21st century great change and progress towards equality for all races, ethnicities, and genders would be made.  However  we have recently experienced a downfall of events in which prejudice against individuals of all ethnicities and racial background  are extremely prevalent due to extremist beliefs of stubborn minded individuals  Understanding the individuals that attacked Sahar have a strong set of beliefs I am deeply disheartened and angered while reading this article as it proves further we are falling back into times of racial prejudice.  Being Iranian-American myself, I am deeply saddened by the fact  that the ignorant views of individuals with beliefs of superiority are able to move a government to forcefully demote a woman of great intelligence and reassign her to a previous position.  These acts are unacceptable and should not have been initially tolerated.

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“ If we don’t stand up for something, we will fall for everything.” (AFT)



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