”Pink Whale” Is Spreading Positivity and Kindness

I think that by now everyone has heard of the sinister game called “Blue Whale“. If somehow you haven’t, “Blue Whale” is a Russian game, where players are assigned 50 tasks over the course of 50 days by a “curator”. These tasks range from waking up at unusual hours, listening to a particular song, to self-harm and on the 50th day, suicide. The player needs to provide evidence that they have completed the task, otherwise, the curator threatens to kill them.

This “game” has been linked to the deaths of over 130 teens in Russia, who have committed suicide. The phenomenon has people worried all over the internet, especially parents who fear that their children are accessing dangerous websites.

However, some people have decided to make something good out of this, so, a graphic designer and a publicist have teamed up and created “Pink Whale” or “Baleia Rosa”. It aims to promote kindness and positivity, challenging people to do good deeds. Pink Whale encourages young people to increase their self-esteem with small gestures, such as looking in the mirror and thanking them for everything they have in their lives and smiling and avoiding negative words for a day.

daily challenges

In spite of the fact that this project will not put a stop to the staggering number of teen suicides, it does spread happiness, its main goal being to save a life, and as the new game’s motto says: “The goal is to prove that the internet can also be used to spread love, that’s why the Pink Whale was born”.

If you want to get involved, you can check it out here.


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