radio silence will be the death of us

we’ve become strangers
of each other’s company,

every cliché
about heartbreak
is true
as i realize
that with every word we speak
we say less.

we sit apart
on our respective sides
of the bed,
backs facing
and hearts
still attached by
one remaining
string of love.

no words needed
no eye contact
the air between us
spelled out
disappointment and surrender.

for the first time
in months
one of us built up
enough courage
to form a coherent
sentence: “so now what?”


3 thoughts on “radio silence will be the death of us

  1. The effort of churning out those few words is soul crushing and the pain excruciating. Been there done that . Thank you for sharing this poem. Beautiful

    1. thank you so so much. i cannot tell you how happy seeing that comment just made me. all the love xx

      1. Hahah you are welcome buddy. I know how appreciation feels. Good poetry deserves to be admired. I myself am an amateur in the field of poetry. Pleased o visit my blog and follow if you find it worthy

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