a letter to my mom

dear mom,

you carried me for nine months, so i will carry your heavy grocery bags that are full of things for my siblings and i.

i know sometimes our communication is not strong and that our words can be misheard.

but when it is midnight and we are both wide awake,

we talk about life and you give me advice. and even when i roll my eyes and ask myself, “what does she know?”

you know a lot. you have been through it all.

and when i have a bad day and come crying to you, you embrace me in your arms and wipe my tears. you pet and comb my hair with your skinny fingers that work almost every day to fulfill my needs.

to make me happy

to spoil me

and i will try my best to make you happy as well, to hear your laugh. the laugh where your smile reaches your ears and crinkles form on the side of your eyes

i can see a reflection of myself in you, and i am glad that i have a strong woman figure to look up to.

you have been hurt and been in pain and you have seen and felt loss and heartbreak. but you have also felt alive and happy and young and in love

and it is my job to make you feel that way, constantly.

you’re not just my mom, you’re my best friend, and even if at times it doesn’t seem like it,

i love you 

i really do 

and i know you’ll always love me back

from the deepest of the earths roots to the highest of the galaxy’s stars

happy mother’s day 


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  1. Beautifully written article . Loved it . Blessings to you from a mother . Blessings to this magazines cofounder . Good job !

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