Why Anna Wintour Is And Always Will Be Everything

As you may know, Anna Wintour was recently made a Dame at Buckingham Palace for her contributions to the world of fashion and journalism. A dame is equivalent to a knight…if that doesn’t prove that she can do it all, I’m not sure what will.

Anna Wintour has been one of the most influential voices in fashion for many years and continues to be. She has helped Vogue immensely when it comes to evolving with the ever-changing world of fashion. Her wonderful talents have been needed extremely at Condé Nast and Vogue in the last 20 years because of the key role that having a social media presence has played in the company.

Anna has recently graced the cover of Business of Fashion’s latest print issue and fashion lovers everywhere were treated with a rare interview. Anna opens up about the industry in Trump’s America and the future of the magazine.

Wintour openly supported Hillary Clinton in the recent election, but Vogue has covered the First Family for many years, so she doesn’t plan to stop with the Trump Administration. She says that it is necessary for the magazine to respect the Office of the President of the United States and other points of view.

When asked about Trump’s import tax and how it is predicted to negatively impact the fashion industry, she brings up checks and balances. Wintour believes that the President has said many different things, but we are unsure of what he can actually achieve.

Vogue has been gracing bedside tables for 125 years and over time it has also become a style of living. Anna says that the magazine will continue to evolve as it always has because everyone that works at the magazine has to breathe change in order for Vogue to maintain the freshness that has always characterized it.




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