I’m Living Under a Rock

I’m not literally living under a rock. But it is beginning to feel this way. Turning 18 was such a scary thing. Being on my own. Making my own decisions. Literally. I made the decision to make my own decisions. (That was one of the dumbest things ever.)  When I was 16 I always thought that turning 18 meant freedom, being able to do my own thing without my mom on my behind. I was wrong. Even though my mom isn’t on my behind… the world is.

The world can be a cruel place. Full of negativity and a hell of a lot of stress. But what it doesnt have enough of, is positivity and embracing differences. You’re probably wondering what I mean by that. Right? It means that the world is full of fakes. Always wanting to be like everyone else instead of being true to who they are. The reason this is is not only because of the idea of wanting to be accepted, but because they are scared. Scared that if they stay true to who they are, the world will categorize them as different or weird.

Newflash, you’re weird for not letting us be weird. It makes sense, I swear. In my eyes I believe we should all be accepted for who we are. Whether that be bisexual, gay, Mexican, Italian, transgender, vegetarian. Whoever or whatever you may be, I accept you. Embrace your weirdness. Be who you want to be. I like you just the way you are.  And you should not feel the need to change just to fit sociesties views and be who others want you to be. It won’t make you happy. Eating pizza, binge watching gossip girl for the 7th time just to find out it really is Dan and dancing crazily to music you don’t understand is who you are. (I Just described myself… oops) but if you do these things, we are now friends. What I am trying to say is, standing out doesn’t make you weird. It makes you unique. It makes you special. You have a bright light shining, don’t let people dim it. Turn it up bright and shine. With all that weirdness that is you. Because you are loved and you are accepted. And if they can’t accept it then do they really need to be in your life? Is then putting you down worth it? The answer is no. So next time you want to dance weirdly and have no rhythm (described me again), and someone had something negative to say… keep dancing. And remember that crown that’s on your head, you deserve. Be weird, be different. Normal is boring. Do you want to be normal?


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