Lady Gaga Debuts New EDM-Inspired Song At Coachella

While performing at 2017’s annual Coachella Arts and Music Festival, headliner Lady Gaga debuted her first song since the release of 2016’s Joanne titled “The Cure”.

My first thought about this song is that it’s definitely different than anything Gaga has ever done. Compared to other singles of hers, particularly other “dance-pop” ones such as “Poker Face” or “Bad Romance”, this is definitely a new and intriguing direction for her. It’s a dance-pop single, but in a different sense as this song is heavily EDM inspired.

“The Cure” is definitely Gaga’s most radio-friendly song she’s released in recent years. It sounds like something that will fit right in with the current atmosphere of radio and pop music, in the best way.

The song is upbeat, fun, and super infectious. Not to mention, the lyrics are very endearing and sweet. She sings of taking care of someone when they are not at their best, “If I can’t find the cure, I’ll fix you with my love” Gaga sings in the chorus.

“The Cure” has definite potential to be 2017’s song of the summer as it has everything you could ever want when looking for a new hit song to fall in love with. Listening to this makes me even more excited to see what Lady Gaga has up her sleeve.


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