7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting College

Going to college is an exciting thing! Being on your own, meeting people, those unusual frat parties where everyone somehow knows you based on the way your butt moves. But there are some things I wish I had known before moving on campus. Before saying goodbye to my mom and moving on with what seemed like the next best four years of my life.

I am currently a freshman in college. And let me start by saying, “the freshman 15” seemed to have passed me by. I actually lost weight! Shocking, I know. Considering all I eat is chicken and chips. Such a healthy diet. But there is more to college than just food and weight gain.

1. I don’t actually get to pick my class times.

Being in college means 8 am classes and coffee to go. The first semester was tiring and full of running to be on time.

2. A number of times I would get lost

I know, I’ve toured the building numerous times and have actually found all of my classes. But for some reason, that first two weeks was literal hell. My brain was somewhere else and I could not find any of my classes. I was late to all of them. Luckily my professors were nice enough to let me in any way

3.  All nighters

Being a writing major comes with A lot of English courses. Which also comes with A LOT of papers. My first paper had to be 6-12 pages. Get this. It was due a WEEK later.

4. Horrible food

I always thought to go to college meant good food. At least edible. The food that is prepared in the cafe here, is real but bad. The food that is in the union is fake but good. We might as well be eating McDonald’s.

5. Fake people

I will not lie to you. I have come in contact with many fake people. But they have all taught me something. Don’t hate the ones you no longer talk to, remember them as a lesson. They’ve helped you grow and become a better person. So thank them for that.

6. Unending schedules

I didn’t think that my schedule would be so full. Considering I’m only taking 4 courses. What, with homework, homework and more homework, I barely have any time to breathe or eat. That’s probably why I haven’t gained any weight.

I just want you all to know that college can be fun too. With events, games, dances, there is a lot to do. You just have to find the right people to do them with.


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