5 Best Songs Off Of Kehlani’s ‘SweetSexySavage’

Born on April 24, 1995, in Oakland Calfornia, Kehlani Ashley Parrish (otherwise know as Kehlani) is an R&B singer, songwriter, and dancer currently signed to Atlantic records.

Her debut album, SweetSexySavage, was released on January 27, 2017, and debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200. It’s an incredible record containing some of Kehlani’s best work, not to mention each song is incredible in its own right. Here I’ve compiled a list of my top 5 favorite songs from Kehlani’s SweetSexySavage.

5. Distraction
“I can’t say I’d give my all, but tonight I’d risk it all.

Serving as the 2nd single off of the album, “Distraction” is a fun and catchy R&B song. Kehlani sings about wanting someone in her life to be a distraction, but not so much so to the point it distracts her from her work. The chorus of this song is vibrant, fun, and sure to get stuck in your head/

4. Keep On
“You just keep on taking me back. And I don’t know why you do, cause I’m no good to you.”

This song is about being with someone who you aren’t deserving of. No matter how bad you treat them, they still somehow keep taking you back. This song demonstrates one of Kehlani’s strong suits: upbeat, catchy, infectious R&B.

3. Undercover
“One way or another I’ma love you. Slidin’ under covers, undercover.”

The minute Kehlani dropped this song, I was instantly hooked. Heavily inspired by Akon’s hit “Don’t Matter”, this song is essentially about people not approving of the relationship you’re in but you don’t care because you’re happy. “Baby they don’t wanna see me be happy cause they ain’t happy, they don’t got you”, Kehlani sings in the second verse. Considering how sassy and witty the lyrics are, this song definitely belongs in the “savage” category of the album.

2. Do U Dirty
“I’ma do you dirty. Say you love me now, but baby it’s too early.”

Lyrically, this song reminds me a bit of “Needed Me” by Rihanna. In one part of the song, Kehlani asserts her independence by saying “I ain’t no wifey, ain’t gon’ hold you down. It’s way for fun to be the mistress. I know I’m not like other b*****s.”. This song demonstrates how truly unapologetic Kehlani is. She knows who she is, and she isn’t willing to change for someone else.

1. Advice
“Cause how is the man of my dreams not a man of his word? And how is the man for me just a man who makes me hurt?”

To me, this song is one of the more meaningful songs on the album. “Advice” is about being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t treat you right, and eventually realizing that you should start taking your own advice and leave the relationship. Being one of the slower songs on the album, Kehlani’s vocals really shine, particularly in the pre-chorus. This song is so raw and emotional. It details a situation we’ve all at some point dealt with: our own hypocrisy. Kehlani executed this heartbreaking ballad beautifully.


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