Stop Ignoring Tyler, The Creator’s Behavior

  Tyler, The Creator, or Tyler Gregory Okonma, is often known as the West Coast’s innovate rapper and fashion designer full of quirks. Through his albums, such as Bastard, Wolf, Goblin, and Cherry Bomb, he has displayed his often angry and goofy style which often diverts from that of mainstream Hip Hop. Along with his musical projects, Okonma has created his own clothing label known as Golf Wang. Many people, however, still hold him on a pedestal of being a fashionably-dorky creative of color, even with his history of problematic and often vile behavior as a cisgender, heterosexual, man.

     His music has contained plenty of imagery of rape fantasies as well as physically assaulting women. His album Goblin especially utilizes his furious rapper persona in a way to talk about raping women. Along with that, he’s used the slur “f-ggot” as a way to mean “stupid and foolish”, using that term not only in his lyrics but also to use it to describe people like Bruno Mars.

    While Okonma has explained that he has worked with queer artists such as Frank Ocean, it is no excuse for him to use a slur that does not apply to him when he comes from a place of privilege, especially when he is using it as a way to connote something negative.

     In his interview with Spin, Okonma mentioned that he’d no longer write rape-fantasy songs because he does not find them entertaining, but that also came with no apology. While he is an innovator in a Black art form, it is important to keep him accountable and not dismiss his past actions in the face of talent. Tyler, The Creator is no hero or revolutionary who should be worshiped after all his disrespect to individuals who are marginalized in areas that he is not.



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