Why Trump’s Healthcare Plan is One of The Worst Things He’s Tried to Pull Off

Yeah, I know the headline for this article may seem like click-bait, but I promise you it’s not. His healthcare plan is so bad, he wasn’t even able to get full Republican support and had to aim for support from Democratic senators, which obviously didn’t happen. Most of us are aware that President Trump and his Republican supporters in the United States government have actively been trying to “repeal and replace” Obamacare–a program that currently insures around 11.5 million people (not including children)–and according to a Gallup poll, senior voters, and voters in rural areas–two categories of voters who desired Donald Trump as their president instead of Hillary Clinton– are reported to be the people and areas, most negatively impacted by the “repeal and replacement” of Obamacare. According to a data analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation, found that out of the 11.5 million people currently insured under Obamacare, 6.3 million of them, are Trump voters, and will all lose healthcare insurance if this bill is passed. The ten states most negatively impacted by Donald Trump’s healthcare plan, are states that voted for him as their president.

President Trump’s healthcare plan is so bad that numerous Republican senators have spoken out against it, and have refused to even vote for it, which will undoubtedly kill the bill. An article from Mother Jones magazine has direct statements from Republican senators, and their words along with the link embedded in the text are provided below.

On Tuesday, the Congressional Budget Office released its final analysis of the Republican health care bill and predicted that under the Republican bill, about 24 million people would be insured in 2026 than the status quo under Obamacare. According to the CBO, insurance enrollment would automatically be reduced by 14 million people next year alone, which left Republican lawmakers with nothing but a torn up bill. Read the statements of more Republican senators below.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) acknowledged that the CBO score is generally correct. “They’re right that coverage levels will go down in the coming years under the House bill,” he said on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show. “That’s why I believe it’s so important that the House take a pause and try to fix some of these fixable problems in their committees.”


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  1. So true Sameer, the Healthcare System needs a thorough examination and then presented. The benefits that the Trump Administration is claiming, does not help in extending healthcare to persons who really cannot afford it. Its complicated.

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